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Top Ten Late summer Health Tips from Inner Harmony

  1. Get outside, especially in the mornings and enjoy walking in nature

  2. Eat breakfast and lunch before the sun gets too hot

  3. Go to bed later but still get up early and take midday naps where possible

  4. Practise the ‘spleen principle’ from Chinese medicine in your Qigong, Yoga and Tai Chi. Do some light exercise every day, especially any exercises that stretch and massage your spleen and stomach meridians

  5. Practise longevity breathing techniques such as the ‘earth’ element breath, the ‘crane, the ‘deer’ and ‘alternate nostril’ breathing

  6. Meditate on feeling grounded, clearing your mind and calming your nervous system. Practise letting go of Over-thinking and worrying

  7. Get more connected to the earth element by growing something and walking barefoot in your meditations

  8. Drink more tea …especially green teas, those with jasmine as well as Chai style herbal teas with liquorice, ginger and fennel

  9. Cut down on hot and spicy foods and Introduce more cooling, sweet, bitter Yin foods to clear the excess Yang heat of summer, reduce toxins and replenish vital bodily fluids

  10. Eat in harmony with the late summer season by eating more orange and yellow foods as well as plenty of salads, leafy greens, coconut, cucumber, melon and watermelon

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