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Cosmos Kung Fu 

Kids Kung Fu 

Self defence for all

Mindfulness Meditation  

Breathing techniques for Stress Relief

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Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese system based on Chinese martial arts Kung Fu, Chinese Yoga, Chinese medicine, physiotherapy, meditation & breathing techniques.


Our style was invented by a Doctor of Chinese medicine called Professor Cheng Man Ching it focuses on deep breathing techniques to increase oxygen, blood circulation and energy levels

Relaxation and mindfulness techniques

to allow the body time to heal itself.

Our Health Tai Chi classes aim to maximise the wide range of health

benefits to be gained from regular practice.

Qigong (standing Chinese yoga) to stretch and warm up the body 

Walking exercises to improve balance. A flowing Tai Chi 'form' which aims to improve posture and ease of movement.


Yoga is an ancient Indian health system meaning 'Union'


Qigong (Chi Kung) is an ancient Chinese health system which literally means to work with the breath and the Chi (life force)  

Inner Harmony Yoga is a combination of Indian yoga combined with Chinese Yoga systems (Qigong) and Japanese systems (Ki Gong) 

Our style Emphasises a gentle, restorative form of yoga where relaxation and stress relief are key principles. Regular practice offers a wide range of benefits including improved posture, breathing and flexibility

A typical class will include: 

Breathing and Meditation techniques, gentle stretches to open up the whole body

Balance and postural work, Standing, seated and kneeling and lying down Yoga postures with one to one easy adaptations

Qigong sets will include The 8 brocades of silk, The 5 element warrior set,

 The 6 healing sounds and The 6 essential winter warm ups


Cosmos Kung Fu

'Old Man's' Kung Fu, Self protection and Personal Safety



In the short time that I have studied with Mat on the martial side, I have learnt through his open approach to teaching that the art is more about not fighting than fighting, you are learning to avoid a confrontation rather than to fight but at the same time you are learning to equip yourself with real battlefield survival techniques such as evasions, joint locks and even throws from the Tai Chi form which will prepare you both mentally physically should they ever be required.


Tai chi for me has shown me the path to freedom by learning how to let go of those inner fears, anxiety and those annoying thoughts that hamper my self esteem. I'm in my 5th year of discovering Tai Chi and still as curious to learn more as the day I first started. 


The martial side of Tai Chi provides a practical self- defence system for young and old as well as giving you lots of health benefits such as improvements in posture, balance and overall well being. As with learning the Tai Chi form in Mat’s health classes, we train slowly both to understand the application in more detail and to ensure that the move is therapeutic and carefully controlled to avoid injury.


Being a martial arts enthusiast for a number of years, I have found Mat to be both highly knowledgeable not just in Tai Chi but in martial arts generally, he is always happy to answer questions during or after training and explains each technique and where it would be seen in the Tai Chi form.

I look forward to many more years of developing further into this unique style.


Having been a close friend of Mat for nearly 20 years I have experienced his journey of discovery in martial arts and its application to self improvement. We both share a love of martial arts but his depth of knowledge and application are testament to his constant efforts towards self improvement and expansion of knowledge. I applaud his efforts and hope you enjoy training with a truly professional and patient teacher of the finer arts.






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